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Women's Wireless Bra (Made in Japan)

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  • Material: 70% Nylon, 30% Elastane
  • Material Composition: 70% Nylon, 30% Elastane
  • Size M: Bust (Manufacturer's indicated size): 31.1 - 34.3 inches (79 - 8
  • Size L: Bust (Manufacturer's indicated size): 33.9 - 37.0 inches (86 - 9
  • Size LL: Bust (Manufacturer's indicated size): 36.6 - 39.8 inches (93 - 10


Brand Size Under Bust top bust
M 70 - 75 79 - 87
L 75 - 80 86 - 94
LL 80 - 85 93 - 101
3L 85 - 90 100 - 108


Product description
Braffande Gently Wrapped Make up well.
Completely Non-Sewn® Silk Protein
Cut off lace that is soft against the skin
The botanical lace has been renewed with grass and tree motifs. Soft and stretchy with an elegant sheer.
・Chest part molding processing; Uses original 3D cup; Scara cut; Pile lace on the skin



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