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UZU Eyeliner By Flowfushi - Black Color (Made in Japan)

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Color black
Brand UZU
Item Form Liquid
Special Feature Hypoallergenic
Product Benefits low irritation 低刺激性
Material Type Free Dye Free
Number of Items 1
Unit Count 1pc 本
Coverage  Fullフル
Skin Type Sensitive, Normal

About this item
A black that goes beyond black.It deepens the pupils, and gives your eyes a glossy and intensive finish that looks like you drew them twice.
Illumination that reaches beyond race, gender, and age; beyond all.Reach beyond and make your eyeliner more than just an eyeliner.
Uses the Yamato Takumi Brush; a brush born from and crafted by the hands of traditional artisans.It doesn’t require any difficult techniques to apply, and it implements the smooth & clear sharpness of chaste & maiden novice strokes.
Resistant to water, moisture, and skin oils: This eyeliner will keep your skin and eyes glowing vibrantly in any environment.
Cleans off easily with warm water.Non-pigmenting, innovative, dye-free substance.



Product Type: Eyeliner
Texture: Liquid
Product Unit: 0.55g



1. Shake twice or three times before use.
2. Using for the first time and storing for long with the end of the brush pen upward can impede the eyeliner liquid from smoothly flowing.
3. Then, place the brush-pen end to face downward, momentarily wait, shake and use.
4. Make sure the cap is securely closed after use.

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