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Usatisfy Home DLP Pocket Mini Projector

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1. Brand name: USATISFY
2. Product name: USATISFY Home DLP Pocket Mini Projector
3. Material: aluminum alloy shell
4. Product maintenance: one year
5. Product area: American brand, made in China
6. Multi-angle rotation, automatic correction of projection trapezoid (vertical: ±40 degrees)
7. Battery life: about 2 hours (medium brightness, longer battery life in low brightness)
8. Charging display: the red indicator light next to the HDMI interface will be fully charged in about 2 hours
9. Support playback: 1080P video
10. Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz DC 5V 2A
11. Built-in 16GB capacity
12. Accessories content: product body, manual, remote control (without batteries), HDMI cable, British standard power adapter, bracket

1. DLP imaging, 1080p full HD image, clear and delicate picture
2. The volume is 6*6*5.8cm, the smallest among products of the same grade
3. Built-in Android, Netflix, YouTube and other applications
4. Wifi Internet, download Apps and watch streaming movies directly, support Google Play
5. Can synchronize smart phones, tablets, game consoles
6. Compatible with iOS/ Android/Mac OS/Windows/PS4/Switch/Xbox etc.
7. Support multiple video inputs: (HDMI / Wifi / USB / Bluetooth / Airplay)
8. Built-in stereo amplifier, can add amplifier
9. The fuselage comes with touch screen operation, strong sense of technology

1. Turn on/off: Long press the power button of the projector to turn it on/off.
2. Definition: Toggle the projector pinion to adjust the sharpness.
3. Connection method
WIFI connection:
1. Open settings-network settings-WIFI, press the right button of the remote control or move the mouse to the OF/ON button to turn off/on WIFI.

2. After turning on the WIFI, select the wireless network and enter the password to connect.

Bluetooth connection:
Turn on the Bluetooth device, open the main settings-network settings-Bluetooth, after turning on the Bluetooth, click Projector to rename the projector's Bluetooth name, the remote control or mouse can be moved to the available device, press the remote control OK button, you can search the surrounding If the Bluetooth signal is found, the device pairing can be found successfully.

Portable hotspot:
1. Move the remote control or mouse to the projector's main interface settings, open the portable hotspot, move the remote control or the mouse to the OFF/ON button, and press the OK key to turn on/off the hotspot. After opening the hotspot, you can reconfigure the network name, password, security, AP frequency band, and finally click save.

2. When the mobile phone finds this hotspot, click Connect and enter the password displayed in the prompt box to configure the WIFI hotspot.

Connect to the computer:
Plug in the USB upgrade port of the projector (near the DC socket) with the USB cable (Note: USB requires a male-to-male dual USB interface) to connect to the computer's USB interface, turn on the projector to enter the settings, and click USB connection status (there is ON is connected), you can copy files from the computer to the projector (this function is not on the same screen as the computer).


Voltage: 220V - 230V   3 pin plug



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Warranty Period : 1 Years

Warranty Provided By : Think Business Brand Service Limited



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