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Thermos Vacuum Insulated Cooker Shuttle Chef KBG-4500 SS/Brown 4.5L

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Thermos Vacuum Insulated Cooker Shuttle Chef KBG-4500 SS/Brown 4.5L (5-7 persons)


■ Cooking with high heat retention effect

■ With lid

■ Thick sole that does not burn easily

■ Supports various heat sources

■ Energy saving and economical

■ Cooking with high heat retention effect

■ With cooking book

■ Various recipes!


  • Size (approx.): 31 x 26.5 x 24 cm, body weight (approx.): 3.1 kg
  • Material / Material: Cooking pot body / stainless steel / aluminum, cooking pot lid / reinforced glass (bottom thickness 5.0 mm including beam bottom), cooking pot handle / knob / phenol resin, heat insulating container body / stainless steel (acrylic resin coating) ), Heat insulation container lid / polypropylene (built-in foamed styrol), pot / bottom / polypropylene
  • Accessories: Cooking book
  • Corresponding heat source: 200V electromagnetic cooker (IH cooking heater), gas, electric plate, halogen heater, sheathed heater
  • Country of origin: China


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