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Storage Container 6L (Made in Japan)

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A fashionable food stocker that stores and stores food

[Recommended 3 points]

1. 1. Made in Japan for peace of mind! Must-see for those who have trouble storing dry matter

All the food stored in the kitchen rack is stored in one place.
If you have trouble storing dried fish such as seaweed and vegetables, please try it.

2. You can see the contents at a glance & with a handle

Since it is a transparent clear case, the contents can be seen at a glance by arranging them side by side.
Since it is a slim type and has a handle, it can be quickly taken out when needed.

3. 3. More than the price ♪ It is a food container with outstanding cost performance

It is economical because it even comes with a desiccant that can be used repeatedly.
It is an excellent item that can store ingredients around the kitchen at a reasonable price.

[Product Features]

■ Recommended for those who have such problems

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( About ) W10 x D25 x H30 .5cm
パケッジweight : (About )430g /点

Color: Transparence

Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Main Unit : polypropylene
Lid : polyethylene
Package: Individual Packaging
Year of manufacture: 2021