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Storage Container 3.4L (Made in Japan)

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A fashionable transparent container for storing foods such as dried foods and seasonings.

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1. 1. Ideal for storing dried foods and seasonings

A food storage container with a simple and slim design.
It works as a food stocker in the refrigerator or in the kitchen.

2. The lid and packing are integrated! Cleaning & functionality UP

By integrating the lid and packing, it is designed to be easy to open and wash.
In addition, the transparent container and lid make it easy to see what's inside when lined up in a drawer.

3. 3. Compatible with various foods! Wide range of sizes available

With an emphasis on ease of use, we have prepared sizes of 0.9 ml, 2.4 ml, and 3.9 ml.
By aligning them in the same series, they look better and are easier to store.

■ Solving such problems

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Size : ( About ) W15.5 x D8.5 x H27cm
capacity : 3.4L

パケッジweight : (About )446g/点
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Main Unit : Polystyrene
Lid : AS resin Elastomer
Package: Individual Packaging
Year of manufacture: 2021