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Shampoo Brush White (Made in Japan)

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Heat resistant temperature: 60 ℃

The three protrusions on the tips of the six hairs clean the pores.
16 elastic tapered brushes gently massage the scalp.

A shampoo brush with a suction cup that can be stored cleanly.
Storage after use ...
When you push the handle of the rose, the suction plate of the brush part is pushed out and can be fixed to the wall surface.
The brush surface can be dried and clean without touching anything.

* Adsorbs to tiles and mirror surfaces (glossy flat surfaces).
* Do not install on uneven, rough, matte surfaces or scratched areas.
* Wipe off any dirt, water, oil, etc. on the mounting surface and suction part.


body size : W78x H90 x D70 mm
Package Size : W106 x H160 x D62mm


Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Main Unit : ABS resin
Handle : ABS resin
wool : Styrene elastomer Resin
Sucker : Styrene elastomer Resin