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SAKURA Coupy Pencil 12 Colors (Made in Japan)

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【Features of Coupy】 Colored pencil of core all hard to break and easy to erase

【12 colors】 Yellow cards ・ Daichiro ・ Charo ・ Aka ・ Momoiro ・ Murasaki ・ Mizuiro ・ Giant ・ Midori ・ Ao ・ Kuro ・ Shiro

【Case】 In a can case

【 Weight] 225 g *Included packing
[Single item size] Φ 8 × 119 mm / book Sakura coupe 12 colors enter. It is a new type of color pencil that made full use of the core, ease of writing of color pencils and beauty of color development of crayons.

【Features】 ・ It is hard to break, easy to erase, it can be scraped. Colored pencils of all are core. ・ It is a new type of color pencil that makes full use of the ease of drawing colored pencils and the beauty of color development of crayons. ・ Because the whole shaft is the core, the capacity of the core is about 4 times that of conventional colored pencils, which is economical. ・ It has a scraper and eraser.

【How to use】 ・ Color coding of maps in social studies, observation records / picture maps in living studies, plant observation records in science, graphs in mathematics, other picture diaries, illustrations, designs.


Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Metal Can