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Rohto Mentholatum - Melano CC Intensive Measure Premium Mask 30pcs (Made in Japan)

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Brand Rohto Mentholatum - Melano CC ロート製薬株式会社
Item Form Sheet
Product Benefits: Moisturizingうるおい,うるおう
Scent Grapefruit
Skin Type: Dry skin乾燥肌
Unit Count 30pcs 枚
Material Feature Moisturizing ingredients


Product description

Moisturizes your skin even when exposed to UV rays; Rich moisturizing ingredients; Large value; Vitamin C derivative (moisturizing ingredients) + Vitamin E derivative (moisturizing ingredient); Grapefruit extract, lemon extract (moisturizing ingredient); Moisturizing ingredients; Vitamin C derivative. The serum ingredients penetrate deep into the stratum layer to provide moisture. Weak acidic; Made of a natural cotton sheet that contains a lot of serum ingredients, and is easy to use with the skin and has excellent adhesion. Natural cotton sheet with plenty of beauty ingredients; Made of 100% natural cotton sheet that is gentle on the skin; Promotes penetration to the skin (stratum layer); Moisturizes skin after exposure to UV rays; For concentrated moisturizing care for when skin is dry, or relaxing after bathing; Citrus scent



Water, glycerin, DPG, BG, diglycerin, Na citrate, methylparaben, PPG-6 decyltetradeceth-30, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, xanthan gum, EDTA-2Na, citric acid, K hydroxide, tocopherol acetate, 2K glycyrrhizinate , Ascorbic acid, ascorbyl glucoside, ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate, 3-O-ethylascorbic acid, lemon fruit extract, grapefruit fruit extract

Ingredients subject to change at manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, please refer to product packaging.


How to use:

  • After conditioning your skin with lotion, take out the masks one by one and spread them carefully.


  • Fold the area around the eyes of the mask outward.


  • Be careful not to drip it on your clothes.


  • Align the mask with the eyes and mouth and make sure it is in close contact with the entire face.


  • When caring for the eyes, place the last folded part on the eyes and make them adhere to each other.


  • Leave it as it is for about 5 minutes, and then remove the mask.


  • Apply the liquid remaining on the skin with the palm of your hand.