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Onigiri Round Shaped Sushi/Potato Salad/Meatball Maker (Made in Japan)

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*Easy just to sprinkle! You can make onigiri with just a sprinkle *Create beautiful round-shaped onigiri without getting your hands dirty *Easy-to-eat bite size of about 3.5cm *Create onigiri with just a sprinkle!
*Easy-to-eat bite size of approx. 3.5cm ;
*Can make 7 bite-sized rice balls at the same time;
*It can also be used for other purposes such as potato salad, meatballs, etc.

Size:19 cm (width) X 17 cm (depth) X 5 cm (height)
Body weight: 0.185 kg

Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Material* Material: Polypropylene
Package: individual mount