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Negative Ions Slim Hairbrush (Made in Japan)

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Heat resistant temperature: 80 ℃

A comb that refreshes hair and scalp with negative ions emitted by natural ore kneaded into the comb and brush parts.
Restores healthy hair and scalp.

Dry or untidy hair is caused by damage to the cuticle and the escape of water and protein.
This comb and brush activates the moisture of the hair by the effect of negative ions, increases the moisturizing power and tightens the cuticle.
At the same time, it also activates the moisture in the skin, enhances blood circulation and promotes hair growth


body size : W14x H184x D20 mm
Package Size : W72x H163x D16 mm




Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Main Unit : AS resin
wool : Polyester resin ( Natural ore blending )