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Kose - Clear Turn White Vitamin C Mask 5pcs (Made in Japan)

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Brand コーセー

Skin Type 乾燥肌, 普通肌
Item Form シート
Scent 無香料
Material Type Free 鉱物油フリー, アルコールフリー, 無着色
Special Feature 肌を明るくする, シミのケア, うるおいを与える, PHバランス

About this item
● It is a vitamin C formula medicated intensive whitening mask which contains plenty of serum on the market.
● melanin generated mitibiki to hatarakikake, difficult to stain, freckles, you can the cause of your skin.
● The under eyes can also be care at the same time.
● It is a quasi-drug product


Product description
8 types of amino acid blend<br/> Melanin production that the stains and freckles protection<br/> Feel cosmetic glue<br/> Plenty of room for moist Dark 潤 serum<br/> High purity stabilized vitamin C formula<br/> Moist transparent feeling<br/> Medicated beauty 白肌<br/> Nymphea be feeling like a sealing<br/> Unscented, no coloring, no mineral oil<br/> Non Alcohol Ethanol

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