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Momentum Train Kids Backpack (Made in Thailand)

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A rucksack with a train motif!
Using the Shinkansen and early Shinkansen faces, this
backpack is a delight for children who like trains!

You can choose from 3 patterns of trains, and the
color variations will be from 6 colors in total.

In terms of functionality, there are small pockets on both sides, so
you can store small tissues and handkerchiefs.
Since the shoulder belt has a chest belt, the
stress of slipping off the shoulder is eliminated.

The chest belt can be removed with Velcro, and
it can be easily removed even with the power of your child!

There is a pocket on the back where the pocket is divided into upper and lower parts, and
if you are a sweaty child, you will need to put an ice pack etc., so you
can use it comfortably even if you have a backpack.

Although it is divided into upper and lower parts, it can also store pass cases!

Size: Length about 27cm x Width about 25cm x gusset about 11cm
Shoulder: About 41cm ~ about 76cm
Material: Polynylon・ Canvas
Outer pocket
x3・ Inner pocket x1 ■ Weight: Approximately 379g


Country of manufacture: Thailand
Material / component: Nylon Canvas