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Japan SurLuster "Rain Repellent" Zero Window Coat (1 year) (Made in Japan)

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Product description :
1. Strong water repellency to ensure clear vision in rainy days
2. Effectively reduce water stains left low after rain
3. When it rains, you can walk away from the rain, and it will not stay on the glass, making it safer to drive
4. Make oil film, dirt and scale not easy to adhere to the glass surface
5. Even in rainy days, you can focus on stress-free driving because visibility can be cleared by repelling water droplets.
6. Due to the high waterproof effect, the rain can be cleared even when driving on ordinary roads (45km-60km/h) and can be clearly seen
7. Silicone oligomers strengthen the fixation of hydrophobic groups and windows, and maintain the hydrophobic effect for about 1 year.
8. Comes with a special sponge, the capacity is 80ml

1. Rinse the sand and dirt on the glass plate, and then wipe off all water droplets with a cloth to completely dry it.
2. Apply an appropriate amount of liquid on the white surface of the connected sponge, and apply it evenly in the vertical and horizontal directions.
3. Wipe clean with a clean dry cloth immediately.
4. After wiping, dry for about 1 hour to complete.

製品説明 :
6.防水効果が高いため、通常の道路(45km〜60km / h)でも雨を晴らし、はっきりと見ることができます。



Made in Japan

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