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Static Elimination Folding Hairbrush (Made in Japan)

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Heat resistant temperature: 80 ℃
Hairbrush with static electricity removal function.
Equipped with stainless steel static elimination fiber "Naslon".
Stainless steel static electricity elimination fibers on both sides of the brush remove static electricity during brushing and loosen the hair without damaging it.
A soft and easy-to-grip rubber handle.
A soft conductive material is used for the brush part.
Furthermore, it contains silicone that is gentle on the hair.


body size : W30x H184x D30 mm
Package Size : W108 x H186x D47mm


Pink & Purple


Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Main Unit : ABS resin
rubber : Elastomer resin
wool : Conductivity 性Polyester resin
static elimination fiber : Stainless steel