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  • Ellis Super safe until morning with wings 33cm (Made in Japan)
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Ellis Super safe until morning with wings 33cm (Made in Japan)

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Sanitary Protection

Ellis Super safe until morning 330 (especially for nights on many days) with wings 33 cm
With the "instantaneous pull-in sheet" and "super-absorbent polymer", menstrual blood is drawn in at once and absorbed quickly before flowing without giving a gap.
For those who get up as "doki" due to anxiety about leakage, it is
comfortable and comfortable until morning.

1. Even if you turn over, it fits your body!
The "turn-over relief absorber" that prevents menstrual leakage keeps the napkin plump all night and fits your body even if you turn over. It absorbs quickly before it flows.

2. Eliminate gaps and prevent back leakage!
"Back leak relief guard" is transmitted and deformed according to the deep valley of the buttocks that causes leakage. Prevents back leakage.

3. "Instant absorption soft sheet" is comfortable with menstrual blood drawing spot and soft touch.

★ The surface material has changed.

4. With "horizontal leak guard gather", you can sleep sideways without worry.

Reliable length 33 cm
With three-dimensional gathers, it firmly guards horizontal leakage even at the unexpected "moment when it comes out".

Easy opening & smooth installation

The napkin and wings can be peeled off from the individual wraps at once for smooth installation.
After use, wrap it in a separate wrap and throw it away.

Precautions for use
Talk to your doctor if it doesn't suit your skin.
Wrap used napkins in individual wraps and discard.
After use, do not flush down the toilet.
Precautions for storage
After opening, store it hygienically to prevent dust and insects from entering.