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Netsusama Cooling Gel Sheets for Children 16 Pads (Made in Japan)

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An instant solution for a sudden bout of fever. When your child runs a fever, use this Japanese gel sheet to literally “cooldown” the temperature.

Netsusama sheet’s adhesive part contains cooling capsules which absorbs the heat and gradually delivers fever-lowing effect with a comfortably cool sensation. It cools down the temperature by -2℃ for maximum 8 hours without changing the sheet.

The sheet has great adhesion that it hardly comes off the forehead even with the repetitive tumbling in the bed. In case if the sheet comes off, just restick it to the forehead. Despite its stickiness, it can be easily peeled off.

Gel has a mild acidity and less menthol compared with the standard version of Netsu-sama sheets, usable to children with a sensitive skin.

Aside from the fever alleviation, you can use this product to body flushed with heat, headache, and even toothache.

The sheets have a pink color variation and is intended for children.


Remove a transparent plastic film and stick the sheet on where you wish to cool down.

For fever or headache, stick it on the forehead; for overheated body, stick it on wherever heated; and for toothache, stick it on the cheek or the chin.

If a patient or targeted body part is sweaty, wipe off any wetness before use.

Repetitive resticking results in deterioration of sheet stickiness. Please refrain from resticking more than necessary.

For further cooling effect, store the product in a refrigerator before use. However, do not store into a freezer as this may deteriorate the product quality.


  • Net contents: 16 sheets 
  • Sheet size: Approx. 50×105mm
  • Notes: Discontinue use when you face any sign of skin trouble. Do not use this product to wound, burnt body, or sunburned skin. For hygiene and to ensure the best quality, avoid using the same sheet for more than 8 hours.
  • Made in Japan