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Masks for Kid (Made in Japan)

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A faint pink color for children.
Soft inner fabric that is gentle on the skin and soft flat rubber that does not hurt your ears.

● Inner super soft fabric: A soft fabric that is gentle on the skin and easy for children to use.
● Soft flat rubber: It does not hurt your ears even if you wear it for a long time.
● High-performance filter adopted: BFE, VFE, PFE 99% cut filter adopted to prevent pollen, PM2.5 and viruses.
* The mask does not completely prevent infection (invasion). 【Note】
・ Should you have an abnormality on your body such as itching, rash or rash, discontinue use immediately.
・ Should you feel unwell due to the smell, discontinue use.
・ If it gets dirty, replace it immediately.
-Do not modify or modify this product.
・ Store in a clean, dry place.
・ Keep out of reach of children.
-This product cannot be used as a mask for the medical field.
-This product is a single-use product. It cannot be reused by washing.
-This product is a size for children. If the size does not fit, please use the adult size.


Country of manufacture: Japan

[ Name ]

[ Candidate ]
Cold ・Pollen ・Dust ・PM2.5 etc

[ Material ]
Main Unit ・The filter unit : polypropylene
Nosepiece : polyethylene
Ear string portion : polypropylene

[ Size ]
80x 132mm

[ Color tone ]