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Korea LUMENA 2nd generation "Wireless" floor fan - 13 inches

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The most powerful flagship model, proprietary airflow design technology, unparalleled performance and design, creating an overwhelmingly powerful wind

South Korean design brand Lumena, the second generation of N9 Classic 2, uses a stronger structural design, stronger and safer, and easier to assemble through docking terminals. The dedicated remote control uses a car smart key RF radio frequency sensor, the fifth generation Chip technology, the input of stronger wind, the cool wind is delivered to a distance of close to 20 meters. Built-in 10400mAh large battery, which can be used wirelessly for 46 hours continuously. It is put in the living room during the day and puts back in the bedroom at night. It is especially suitable for children or pets at home, avoiding children's contact with excess wires or plugs.

* Improve the fan circulator structure
* Ultra-low noise and low power consumption than before
* Improved BLDC motor + stronger structure design + smoother and greater wind + butt combination method, easier to assemble
* Power display function
* Up to 46 hours of wireless use
* Better UI sound design


Detailed introduction
The LUMENA ​​N9 classic wireless floor fan uses an industry-leading 12v BLDC brushless motor with 7 blades that can generate up to 24w of strong wind. Realize low power consumption, low noise and low heat generation.

7-blade design, DC direct current motor, wind speed up to 45km/h, distance up to 19 meters.

Wireless fan with built-in 3.7V standard 10400mah battery. The minimum power consumption is at least 0.7 watts, and it can run for up to 46 hours without a power plug.

Using the fifth-generation smart core, the wind power is 20% higher than that of the traditional fan, and the efficiency is increased by 30%.

Considering the two-way control unit of the user's life mode, the JOG DIAL can be turned to control, and the magnet integrated with the main body bracket can be detachably provided with a remote control for different usability.

5-stage wind adjustment, 5-stage time system, 120-degree swing at a large angle, sending cool breeze to every corner.

Easy-to-fold mask for cleaning.

Product name: N9-FAN Classic
Output power: 24W
Input: 12V/ 3A (100-240V ~50/60Hz)

Voltage: 220V - 230V   3 pin plug

Battery capacity: Li-ion 3.7V 10,4000mAh (=12V 2,800mAh)
Battery life: 1,000 times more
Use time: 2 hours ~ 46hours
Charging time: 4 hours
Dimensions: 335 x 320 x 920 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg

Brand from South Korea

Made in China



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