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  • Buy kids chopsticks Rapunzel Pink Color (Made in Korea)
  • Buy kids chopsticks Rapunzel Pink Color (Made in Korea)
  • Buy kids chopsticks Rapunzel Pink Color (Made in Korea)
  • Buy kids chopsticks Rapunzel Pink Color (Made in Korea)
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Kids Chopstick Rapunzel Pink Color (Made in Korea)

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EDISON chopsticks New (Rapunzel Pink / for right hand)

Product Use

3 shifts to the general of chopsticks in step!
<Step 1>
Place your fingers on each of the ring and disconnect the power. It does not matter only the movement of the index finger and the middle finger started.
<Step 2>
Once you have some degree learn and to practice to accompany the ring finger on the part of the ring finger supporters.
<Step 3>
Practice remove the silicone index finger for the ring and middle finger for a ring. Gradually to practice alternating with general of chopsticks.
※ Practice repeatedly go back to step 2 If you find difficult.
※ not forcibly pull the occasion to remove the index finger ring, middle finger for the ring, please remove while turning the silicone ring to the bottom.


Item : 1 Pc
Package Size : W82x D40x H250 ( mm ) / 43( g)

[Size] 18.5cm

Color: Pink Color

Right Hand


Country of manufacture: Republic of Korea
Material / component: ABS resin Silicon Rubber

[Age] of the previous 2 years old – school children toward

【Heatproof temperature】
Body: 90 degrees
Ring: 170 degree


– Children may take unexpected action, so please use at always the reach of the eyes of parents and leaders.
– ring may not deviate from the ready-to-finger, it may lead to an unexpected accident.
– Since chopsticks destination has pointed, please do not play with the children.
Ring might be cut off because it is a soft material. Please do not pull strongly.
– scratches and damage, if such a crack occurs, please discontinue use immediately.
· Please be sure to wash before and after use. Please use a soft sponge and dish soap when washing. Polishing powder, scrub brush, etc. Please do not use because it may damage the product. Also after washing, that it may drop of water in the connecting portion is accumulated, please keep well off the water.
– dishwasher, please do not use dish dryer. Also, please do not be put or boil in hot water. Cause deformation.
– direct flame and oven grill, microwave oven, please do not use. Deformation, it can cause damage.
– Please do not put on the side of the fire. Deformation, it can cause damage.
– Please do not place heavy objects on top of the chopsticks. It may cause damage.
– Please do not use applications for other purposes.
And durability number of years is not particularly, but it differs from the timing of the deterioration by the frequency of use and usage conditions.
※ Please keep package is not thrown away.
※ If not follow the precautions, there is a risk that lead to accidents.

■ Manufacturer / Distributor Believe Co., Ltd. 3F, YB Building, 1-10-4 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0001

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