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Cooling Patch 16pcs for Kids Peach Color (Made in Japan)

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Difficult peeling, skin-friendly

◎ also ideal for cooling sheet ◎ headache, toothache and work-study Nemukezamashi that can be used for 10 hours duration type ◎ sudden fever using a special aqueous gel

Wet towel, please use to the site you want to cool, such as the forehead, cheeks, flushed skin as a substitute for cormorants, etc. of the ice.
(When the heat is high, armpits, neck, also effective to cool the arterial part of the base, etc. of the foot.)

How to Use
◎ remove the clear film, please put to the site you want to cool.
(Please be careful so as not to freeze.)
◎ Please replace your Once the cooling effect is no longer felt.
◎ Please use cut in at the appropriate size scissors depending on the site of use.


206x 100 x 55 272g


Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Paraben ・Gelatin ・Sodium edetate hydrate ・?-メンTall ・Polysorbate 80 ・Pigment ・Perfume other compounding