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  • Chopping Board Wash In The Dishwasher (Made in Japan)
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Chopping Board Wash In The Dishwasher (Made in Japan)

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● Please do not put near fire
● Please do not use for purposes other than
● Please do not place hot pot etc
● When using dark colored ingredients, discoloration may occur
● Please do not fold the crease part more than necessary. It will cause breakage
● When putting in a dishwasher, please stand up please
● Marks like streaks and spots are generated at the time of molding, so there is no problem in use
● The use of scratches (scratches) of kitchen knife will result. From time to time, please remove the dirt that got scratched with bleach etc.
● Cut the ingredients to the pan without spilling
● Made in Japan (Made in Japan)
Size :(About )Vertical 300 x Width 195x Thickness 2mm
weight :(About )98g
Material ・material :polypropylene
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Heatproof temperature :100 degrees