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  • Belgium Y Shape Suspenders Belt (Made in Japan)
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Belgium Y Shape Suspenders Belt (Made in Japan)

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From the popular brand [GEVAERT] In W-ring belt, it appeared suspenders ★

Also worked as a fashionable item that was hidden not in flashy!

We are using a firm rubber fabric made of Belgium.


1899 founding of Belgium's oldest textile manufacturers "GEVAERT Inc. (Gevaert, Inc.)" from imported fabric directly,
Gevaert belt finished the belt in the country.
Gevaert Corporation and signed a license agreement, is it sold with the name with the permission is, in Japan only P2.
Unique fabric features of the color scheme and the sense of European designers unique.
Is a popular brand young and old alike ♪


■Size ・capacity ■
Free Size
Length : FREE 〜116cm x Width 3.5cm

Color: Green / Red


Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Rubber Leather