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Luminiel Beauty Device - Brightening & Eyeline Wrinkles (Made in Korea)

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- Light fusion type product using highly concentrated photonics serum and LED light
- RED (skin regeneration, elasticity increase) + AMBER (collagen generation, skin elasticity)
- Compact design, wireless, easy to use anytime, anywhere
- Regarding photobiological safety Passed the test
- Passed the European Union's integrated standard certification CE passed
- Recognized for conformity to all preliminary safety tests

Improve Wrinkles & Brightening 

manufacturing company: Link Optics Co., Ltd./KOREA

Made in Korea


This is authorized goods. 

Warranty Provided By : Link Optics


-Please read the product manual carefully before use.

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***The product may cause slight damage to the outer box of the product during transportation, and it may be incomplete


This product is an original authorized product.


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[Delivery Lead Time]

As this product will be shipped by the oversea authorized dealer (which the original invoice will be accompany with the product), therefore it will take longer delivery than usual, around 3-4 weeks (if everything smooth at customs) with tracking details after order confirmation

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